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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30 33 35 37 52 53 55 66 69 70 71 77 78 89 109 120 133 189 2012 2014 8755 9319 'hairy lychee' red skinned fruit 'i see hope' 's' curve 05 07 077 13 2 8spotted dragonfly delight a life well lived abstract abstract art abstracted concepts in red abstracted red concepts abstraction abstractions abstractions. 2012 abstracts abstrmo acrobatic wonders after the rain after the rains agility ah.... allium amaryllis amazing acrobats amazing and gigantic graywhale amazing details of nature amazing flying machines 1 amber american robin and 'my' emily feels most comfortable having the bark of a living tree and all that jazz and amazing beauty. nature at its finest. and dog billie and her beloved dog billie. and making eye contact with a raven or other beautiful creature of this world. enjoy my interpretation 'our emily' through composited image. lydia dagg andre hall aqua art art of dance artist artistic interpretation as though to say asian asian model austin roses autumn autumn flowers autumn gold autumn's amazing art b.c. baby robin background background drawing by lydia dagg ballerina ballerina slippers ballet ballet magic ballet practice ballet slippers ballet victoria bark bc bc ferries view be still beholden being part of nature beneficial insects bethany beyond blue bird of paradise birds black black and white black cutoff gloves black cutoutgloves black dress black evening gown blooming allium blooming onion blue blue and terra cotta blue cap blue nebulus blue poppies for the future blue poppy blue poppy seedheads bluest blues blushing beauties boat building competition and race boats bold beauties welcoming the day boldly enticing british columbia british columbia's most famous artist bronze sculpture by sculptor barbara paterson bronze sculptures sculpted by barbara paterson bud bufflehead bulb bulbs but most often misunderstood and disliked but most useful to life on earth. but often misunderstood. but which one shall i pick cable california poppies california poppy calla lilies calla lily canada canadian artist cavorting orcas charismatic token of love chasing rainbows cherry blossoms cherry trees chinese backgrounds chinese model chris chrysanthemum clouds color color coded treasure colorful serenade colors of the rainbow compelling grace composite composition computer enhanced computer manipulated cool as ice cool delight cool green phalaenopsis orchids cottage cowichan lake cream creative flow crowning glory cultivated cultural diversity curves cutoutgloves dance dancing with the fairies. deanna deanna reid delphinium detailed intricacies digitally enhanced. bulb dipladenia splendens disbuds discoveries by the pond diversities of thoughts dock double roses double silhouette double white peonies dragonflies dragonflies communicating dragonfly drawings drawings by lydia dagg dusk earth earthy eightspotted skimmer eightspotted skimmers eightspotted skimmers dancing elaine's garden elaine's garden roses elaine's magic garden treasures elaine's roses elizabeth mary elizabety mary elk lake sunset emerging emerging rose emily carr emily's pet monkey woo en pointe en pointe in blue en pointe plus ensuring the future eurasian eventide everyone exotic beauties exotic flower exotic flowers exsquisite roses eyes fading beauties family outing famous canadian artist fan tan killer heels fashion feast for the eyes fibreglass tube flower flower bud flower head flowering shrub flowers flue white folk guitar food forest form funky gloves 3 gallactic plains garden flower genoa bay geometric marvel geometric patterns geometric precision geometrics george washington geraniums gerbera giant mums giant palm leaves giant poppy gladioli gladiolus global pollution global responsibility globe gloves glowing with life's glory gold golden golden moments to remember golden sunshine golf islands grace graceful motion graceful roses grasses graywhale graywhale feasting great performances great views great views in black and white green green acqua guitar harbenger of spring harbinger of spring hat hats designed by lydia dagg hawaii health heat of the night helleborus help look after my precious babies. what joy indeed. hibiscus hide and seek hiding high heeled shoes hiking excursions hips of joy hoarth hill park horn horse hair hot pink how do i love thee.... let me count ..... purity hummingbird babies just outside our front door in the climbing hydrangea vine. discovered them 3 days before they fledged. feeder was 12 feet away i need you in their prime incurved ink drawings inner beauty 7 insect interactions grey interpretation of emily's love nature and aboriginal culture. emily carr loved trees interwoven intricacies 1 intricate details iris iris icons iris inspirations irises irish joy joy of dancing joy of spring carol's garden joyous delight jubilation july 1 kauai kayaking fun kelsey killer heels killer whales kinsol trestle lacy type flower head ladscape lake flowers landscape las vegas lean and lanky leaps learning to fly learning to survive learning to walk leaves leichen lenten rose lesser scaup let me count the ways.... 32 lettering light lights like a breath of fresh air lilies lilium lillium lily lily sweetheart lines liquid gold liquid gold hibiscus little night sprite lois waterskiing love lydia dagg lydia dagg drawing lydia dagg photography lydia dagg's ink drawings macro magic moment mandevilla maple bay kayaking club maple leaf home. pink mares tale marina master gardener's treasures mauve mauve magic maze medium iris mesh metal metal discs midnight delight millinery magic mist misunderstood creature model model deanna model red mom moments of reflection moth motion motion blur movement multi multi colour multicolor multicoloured multicoloured abstracts mums music musical instrument musical instruments my drawing as background my heart my heart leaps with joy natural structure nature nature at its finest blue nature's beauty nature's delights 11 nature's elegance and style nature's magic beauty is in the eye of beholder 32 neautral nevada north saanich oak bay oats observing ocean on her toes on their toes onion or feared. orange orcas orchid blossom orchids organic oriental oriental model oriental poppy our emily pacific pacific ocean painted background paintings palm fonts papaver parrot tulip parrot tulips parrot tulips interpretation passion for red pastels peonies perceptions perfect sight perpetual petal power phalaenopsis orchids pier pillars pincushion protea pink pink slipers planet plants pleasures to behold plue poppies pods poppies poppy port power within precious containers prince rupert protea pulsating with life pure beauties boulevard award winner. pure tranquility purity purity of spirit purple purple passion queen anee's lace roadside beauty racy red railroad crossing rain soaked spider rainbows of color raindrops rambutan raring to go raunchy rhythm red red and black red and white red and white purity red black gloves red hot red power red rose splendor reddest red reds reflections refreshing dawn refreshing joy regal purple remembrances reprieve roadside beauties roadside flowers robin robin fledgling rock leichen rocks rose rosebud rosebud pink rosehips roses royal lily legacy russet russet red rust sailboats salmon scarlet scarlet pink script sculptures seabirds seascape seascapes seashell seashore rocks seaside seaweeds seed heads seedheads seeds selfportrait without looking through the lens sepia serena shannon shawinigan lake ships shrub siberian iris sidney sidney eventide peace and tranquility sidney harbour sidney pier simple purity simplicity the beauty of flowering grasses singing the blues sky patterns slangspruit sleeping infant slegg lumber so i can remember the joy of this moment so much to discover so they were well fed and saw us coming going without any fear whatsoever. the mother hummingbird would fly daily to our windows looking in soaring high soft as a cloud soft blue soft summer morning full of promise south africa spheres spider spider abode. spider glory spider on heleborus bud spiderweb spikes spring spring flower spring flowering trees spring flowers spring has sprung in all its glory spring is winter's reward spring landscape spring's royal robes. stacy stalking spider standing tall star gazer discovery star gazer lily stepping up strelitzia striped hat striped mohawk dragonfly style sunday morning joy sunflower sunflower macro sunflower seeds sunflower sunshine sunflower symmetry in motion sunflowers sunset survivors sweetheart rose sword lily symmetry take a breath tennis textures the heart of matter the observer to depths unknown tofino tom's horn tom's trumpet tomorrow i will be ready tree canopy trees triple beauties triple temptations tripping the lights fantastic tropical flower trumpet trumpet shaped flower trust tuber tubers tulip time tulips turquoise ukulapha fundraiser unfurling to new experiences unfurling with delicate grace valuable insect often misunderstood. valuable insect to life on earth valuable insects vancouver vancouver island veils veils of motion and emotion vibrancy victoria victoria area vine ladden clusers of large pink flowers vitamin c watching water drops water lilies waterdrops weed weeds whales what a splash whirlwind world whispy whispy tulips modified whispy wonder white white amaryllis white and red white and wonderful white aqua white headband white poppy white rose white tulip wigeon wild flower wild flowers wild oats wild oats of joy wildflowers winter survivor within the flow wombs of life words world yellow yellow sunrise you lift me up zantedeschia aethiopica zed dhalla zodiacs