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I am a passionate photograper, having taken up this amazing journey in 2009 to explore the beauty and diversity of our planet. The discoveries are endlessly fascinating and, as artistic photographers, we become the eyes of the world.

Born in Europe, but moving to Canada at the age of 13, gives me a different perspective on global issues. I studied Fine Arts, worked as a Tourism Industry Consultant, and ran my own Interior Design Company for eleven years. Living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, gives me amazing photographic opportunities. Some of my images have won awards and been on covers of magazines, and are in the possession of private collectors. I continue to be challenged by technology, and fascinated by the amazing diversity of the beauty, as well as the destruction, all around us. I follow the light, to wherever it may lead me! It is a feast for my eyes, heart and soul.

I am also involved in philanthropic projects. Two photographic books of some of my images have been self-published. What a fascinating world we live in!

Please honor the copyrights of my images. If you wish to use any of my work, you must contact me first to obtain written permission by e-mail: All images are under copyright. Enjoy looking at my photographs.

I am a very proud member of CAPA, the Canadian Association for Photographic Art, Canada's National organization for photographers. Please check out my website at:

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Lydia Dagg
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